Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Old School Tree

We went old school this year with our tree. We had already had our tree for a week with no time to decorate. So it was now or never because with our schedules leading up to Christmas we would have had a bare tree.

After church Sunday it was time, the only problem all of our Christmas balls were still at church from our Volunteer Dinner that we put on the night before. I switch my tree up a little each year anyway, but this time we had to do it with out buying anything. So we got creative!

With paper and scissors in hand I suggested paper chains and snowflakes. The kids thought I was CRAZY! :) But we went to town and created what I think is my favorite tree of all!

The kids each have there favorite ones that they made, each of them ended up making beautiful crosses!

Making memories with the kids and writing another chapter!