Saturday, April 21, 2012

Got Health???

It has been a CRAZY few weeks at our house! Between soccer and sickness we have not had a break.

Cailin started it out and spent a week down with a fever and cough. And unfortunately no amount of cleaning or lysol has stopped it from spreading. We thought that we were in the clear when we made it thru a week of soccer practice and tournaments without any sickness, but then spring break came and I spent the week in bed with the flu.
Thankfully I have an amazing family who took the kids otherwise they would have spent their break sitting in front of the tv! Since my brother and his family were in town they were able to spend some time with their cousins. They had sleepovers at Bec & Brians, went to the aquarium and saw winter and played mini golf with Tracy and the "boys". They probably had more fun than had I not been sick ;)
Now Henry is down! He has gotten it the worse and is in "in-home isolation" for a few days per our doctor. So I am playing the role of a single mom this week. Running ragged, not getting enough sleep and man I am EXHAUSTED!! Praying this sickness season is coming to an end because not sure how much more I can take!