Monday, August 11, 2008

School is back in

At least for Cailin, she started her first day in Pre-K today! She couldn't wait to go back and see all of her friends She looked so cute in her frilly dress and PINK army lunch box (a little bit of princess mixed with tomboy). That's Cailin to a T! It is hard to believe that in one short year she heads off to Kindergarten. She is growing up so fast.

Christopher has another week before he goes back. So right now he is taking advantage of a quiet house without his sister to fight with. He is riding his new bike that he got for his birthday, and I am sure any minute I am going to get wrangled into some type of sports game.

This week will be spent shopping for school supplies and clothes, trying to get the kids back on a regular schedule, and getting myself back on "school time". It should be a fun week!!!!

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