Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Old School Tree

We went old school this year with our tree. We had already had our tree for a week with no time to decorate. So it was now or never because with our schedules leading up to Christmas we would have had a bare tree.

After church Sunday it was time, the only problem all of our Christmas balls were still at church from our Volunteer Dinner that we put on the night before. I switch my tree up a little each year anyway, but this time we had to do it with out buying anything. So we got creative!

With paper and scissors in hand I suggested paper chains and snowflakes. The kids thought I was CRAZY! :) But we went to town and created what I think is my favorite tree of all!

The kids each have there favorite ones that they made, each of them ended up making beautiful crosses!

Making memories with the kids and writing another chapter!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New School Year

We have hit a major school milestone in our house. Christopher graduated from elementary school and is now a middle schooler!! Where has the time gone, it seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. I joke with the kids all the time that they get no more birthdays because this time with them is going by way too fast.  At open house he was able to meet all of his teachers and get a feel for what this year will hold even before the first day. He is so smart, funny and we are so proud of who is becoming.  He was nervous about starting a new school, but I think I was more nervous than he was going into the first day.

Cailin is now a second grader and thinks she owns the world. Oh, to have the confidence she has. Every single day she goes to school with a smile on her face, not so much excited about the learning side of it as she is the social side. She is just as smart as her brother but definitely shows it in different ways.

Every new school year I worry about what they will encounter, especially this year with middle school. I worry about what kind of friends they will choose, the things they will hear and see that we know they are not ready for. Our kids have to grow up so much faster then when I was in school. But in the end I know I have to trust God with my kids and know that He has their best interest at heart. So we will continue to cover them with prayer and teach them the best we can to make wise choices.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sleep Walkers

   It's really late and I am up watching one of my favorite movies, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". The house is quiet , everyone has been asleep for a couple of hours, and things begin to get a little weird!
   My daughter, Cailin, came stumbling out of her room still asleep speaking in gibberish, crawled up on my lap and snuggled. Out of the blue she starts to laugh hysterically but couldn't tell me why she was laughing. A few minutes later she starts laughing again. I asked her again what was so funny. She says "nothing" and continues to laugh. Finally she says, "chicken fingers". "What chicken fingers?" I asked. "Yummy Yummy chicken fingers!!" she says. "Where are your chicken fingers?" I say. "I don't have any because I am SO HUNGRY!" she says.  Finally get her back to her room where she is completely out.
   A few minutes later my son, Christopher, sleepwalking. comes over gives me a big hug, says goodnight and heads back to bed. He then turned around and began asking me questions, not sure what they were the only one I caught was something to do with numbers.
   Not sure what is going on tonight, maybe it was something in the tacos we made for dinner. I guess I will know for sure if the hubby comes sleepwalking out! Just another day in the life :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Never the Bride" Review

Never the Bride    -     
        By: Rene Gutteridge, McKay Cheryl
Order your copy!

I love to read, no doubt, I especially enjoy Christian Fiction! I get lost in the story and my most recent read was no different! I just finished reading "Never the Bride" by Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay.

This book make me laugh, smile and mostly see the love of God for all. So often I forget how much I am loved by my Heavenly Father, Gutteridge and McKay reminded of that.  Just like the main character, Jessie, I try to go it alone and miss out on so much of what God has for me. "Never the Bride" was a reminder to me that I need to stop, listen and give my "purple pen" to God, and let Him write my story!

"Never the Bride" was a book that swept me in. It was well worth the read and I would recommend it to anyone!

*I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnoma Publishing Group for this review

Monday, February 21, 2011

Becky's Bridal Shower

My best friend and sister got married and I had the honor of hosting her shower along with a couple of the other bridesmaids!

This is the invitation that I created and then had printed on a cream pearlized card stock!
I tried to incorporate her colors and overall theme for her wedding at the shower. 

We hung paper lanterns in varying sizes in browns, whites, and creams. I also made some tissue paper pom poms in chocolate brown and cream. We hung them in groupings over the food table, the brides seating area and also at the entrance. They were a great focal point as well as helping to define the areas.

We had a sign in table when you first walked in where the guests had their picture taken with the bride and then wrote a note of advice that we later put in a photo album.

 My mom and I painstakingly created the B & B, they were part of my gift to her. They made an appearance at their wedding and are now hanging in there home. The letters were cut out of styrofoam and then sheets of moss were hot glued on. They are beautiful!!

Everything was done with Becky in mind even down to the food. We served a blue cheese honey crostini, vegetable crudites with tzatziki sauce, homemade spanakopitas, and a mixed green salad with fresh lemon garlic dressing. The shower was true reflection of Becky's style, simple and elegant