Thursday, September 11, 2008

So proud...

So I am a little behind in blogging, go figure that is the story of my life.

I just have to brag a little on my kids! A few weeks ago they decided to sell soda, water and muffins at a community yard sale and take the money and buy shoes for the local Christian Radio Station. One of the DJ's was trying to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes for orphans in Guatemala for a mission trip she was going on. After they finished at the yard sale we told them we would match whatever the amount they raised, and then a family member donated as well. When all was said and done they were able to purchase 42 pairs of shoes. They had a ball picking out shoes and making sure they got the best deal they could. Cailin and Christopher walked around the stores watching for red tags and making sure the numbers stayed low.
By the way the final tally for shoes that the JOY Fm collected was 8,600 GO GOD!!!!

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alicia@thrifty and chic motif said...

Your children are an inspiration. Thats wonderful they were able to get so many shoes, I bet they were thrilled!

Thanks so much for the 3m idea for my door, totally beats using nails or screws :)