Monday, February 21, 2011

Becky's Bridal Shower

My best friend and sister got married and I had the honor of hosting her shower along with a couple of the other bridesmaids!

This is the invitation that I created and then had printed on a cream pearlized card stock!
I tried to incorporate her colors and overall theme for her wedding at the shower. 

We hung paper lanterns in varying sizes in browns, whites, and creams. I also made some tissue paper pom poms in chocolate brown and cream. We hung them in groupings over the food table, the brides seating area and also at the entrance. They were a great focal point as well as helping to define the areas.

We had a sign in table when you first walked in where the guests had their picture taken with the bride and then wrote a note of advice that we later put in a photo album.

 My mom and I painstakingly created the B & B, they were part of my gift to her. They made an appearance at their wedding and are now hanging in there home. The letters were cut out of styrofoam and then sheets of moss were hot glued on. They are beautiful!!

Everything was done with Becky in mind even down to the food. We served a blue cheese honey crostini, vegetable crudites with tzatziki sauce, homemade spanakopitas, and a mixed green salad with fresh lemon garlic dressing. The shower was true reflection of Becky's style, simple and elegant

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